Sunday, November 15, 2009

Like Water for Chocofit

Dear Fat-hanging-out-anywhere-between-my-ankles-and-my-nose,

I hate you.

Since last week's premiere weigh in, I've lost 5 pounds. In your fat face, fhoabmaamn.

Truth be told, it's likely only water weight. Fatness, you and all your ilk are still hanging about. But I'll get you. Oh, I will. Maybe now I'm only trading water for corn-battered-deep-fried-chocolate-covered-fitness; however, a day will come when you and I are no longer together. And then what? I become pretty and thin and my life is awesome and you... you will be just a distant memory. Neither a sweet dream, nor a beautiful nightmare. I can feel that glorious day on the horizon. Wait for it. It's coming.

Peace out.


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