Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Metafatofit

Dear Fat,

I lost 4.2 pounds from Saturday to Saturday.  Hooray for water weight.  And the fact that we were trying to gain a few pounds before our first weigh-in day.  Last week, I got to buy pants that were 2 sizes smaller than those that I wore during college.  According to my BMI, I have gone down from being obese to just overweight.  My new goal is now to be in the middle of the "normal range" for my height (well, slightly above that middle).  You may be wondering, though, whether or not I will be satisfied.

I think I've had to deal with more of an attitude change than anything else.  I'm happy with myself the way I am (despite the numerous self-deprecating comments that I make on a daily basis, but I swear that it's mostly tongue-in-cheek).  I'd be lying, though, if I said that I didn't care that the nicest clothes don't fit me, that I don't judge myself when I pig out, and that I don't embarrass myself a little every time I attempt any sort of physical activity.

As for today, I haven't done a terribly good job.  I ate two of the chocolate-covered Joe Joe's.  I should buy some celery.  And drink more water.

I am fat,


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