Monday, November 30, 2009

One Fat, Two Fat, Red Fat, Blue Fat

Dear Fat,

Today, I discovered that unagi is not sustainable.  At all.  It's like the worst thing ever.  We've depleted freshwater eel populations by over 80% during the past few decades.  Maybe you'd think, then, that I immediately decided never to eat unagi again, but all I could really think about is how incredibly delicious unagi is . . .

And that's the real problem, isn't it?  You can compare that to how I eat things that should be instant heart attacks just because they taste good.  Then, I eat too much because I want it to keep tasting good (and probably because of the same sob story of every fat kid: we're filling the void in our souls from the emotional deficiencies of our childhood--a cookie will always be your friend).

What do I do, then?  I don't actually get sushi that often anymore, so that means I'm not really impacting the ecosystem that much, right?  Well, since I don't get sushi that often, that just means it won't be that big of a sacrifice . . .

No more unagi.

My twisted conscience will win over my insatiable appetite this time.  It may not be enough to make me go vegetarian again.  Nor will I stop eating cookies or cheese or chicken tikka masala for the sake of my arteries any time soon.  But at least I have found my borderline.

One pound less fat than last week,


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