Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If You Give a Fattie a Cookie...

...she's bound to eat a dozen.

Dear Cookies,

Why do you taste so delicious? I'll never forsake cupcakes for you; but I have to admit, you are a strong second. You taste like a sunny day in spring. You're warm, comfortable, friendly and just oh so inviting. You're a constant friend, whose taste is never too far from my lips... I need a boyfriend. Real bad.

I managed not to gain any weight this week. Week 1 of two consecutive weeks sans weigh gain: success! Now the goal for week 2, is to actually lose weight. I blame you cookies. I just can't quit you. And you more than counteract my efforts in exercise and leaf-eating.

As I stay up typing this, a fresh pie cooling in the room over, all I can think is how I cannot manage to exert self-control for even a day. In addiction recovery programs, they explain that you take things one day at a time. Don't think of giving up your addiction (alcohol, crack, cookies) forever; just ask yourself if you can go this one day without it. Well cookies, apparently, my answer is always no. That will change though. It will. Otherwise I will be fat and alone forever. I owe 25 cents to the body image jar for that.

Worth it.

Wading through the crumbles,


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