Monday, December 14, 2009

La grassa vita

Dear Fat,

The other day, in a fit of sheer boredom, I was clicking on links to different Wikipedia pages when I came across something concerning weight gain during the holiday season:

"Various studies have been performed on the effects of the Christmas/winter holiday season, which encompasses several feast days, on health. They have concluded that the health changes that occur during the Christmas/winter holiday season are not reversed during the rest of the year and have a long-term cumulative effect over a person's life and that the risks of several medical problems increase during the winter holiday season."

Now, keep in mind that although they reference a study in the New England Journal of Medicine conducted by a group at the NIH, we should still refer to the most important thing that I have ever learned from my introductory statistics courses and the book How to Lie With Statistics:  Trust no study.  Ever.

Still, I can't help but think that it must be true.  The spirit of overindulgence of the season sometimes rivals the spirit of generosity, so perhaps we deserve to be punished for that annual gluttonous month of stuffing our faces until we fall into a comatose stupor . . .

Hoping I exercise self-control this December,


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