Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Fatshank Redemption

Dear Fit,

The handful of pounds that I lost last week came back in full force again this week, but I will not despair.  This still counts as a fit week because of the 5K Fatticus and I "ran" with our fit and skinny marathon-running friend on Thursday (to whom, by the way, you should donate money).  My calves feel abnormally solid now.  It still hurts to move my legs in certain directions, but I will not elaborate on which.

However, I will not pretend that this was an entirely healthful week either because I ate about 10 times more ice cream than I had intended to eat over the past few days.  My parents should know better than to leave Häagen-Dazs in our freezer.

Now that the holidays are over, there are no more excuses.  My pre-New Year's resolution will carry into this year.  50 pounds!

Eating more leaves,


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