Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Fatventures of Huckleberry Fit

Dear Fat,

What do I say about this week? I didn't gain any weight, but I also didn't lose any. That used to be enough for me. I wanted to maintain the status quo. Well, the status quo sucks. Since this crazy adventure began I've lost five pounds! Hooray! But shouldn't I be losing more?

This morning I completed week 3 of the 9 week couch to 5K training program. Woot! One third of the way there! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually kind of sort of almost maybe enjoy running. This week I've been running up a hill that I used to get tired walking up. Granted, by the time I reach the top it feels like there are tiny people setting fire to the insides of my calves; I know that they are the flames of victory burning through my veins!

Ha. I wish.

In my efforts against you I've restricted myself to not eating anything from an establishment with a drive-thru. However, I found a giant massive loop-hole for that one. Today, I ate a bucket of fried deliciousness. MLIF No literally; the food came in a bucket.

Wafting down the river of leftover fry grease,

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