Friday, February 26, 2010

Fat Expectations

Dear Fat,

I gained 1/2 pound last week. I'm not surprised that after a week of nothing but soup, upon eating solid foods again that I put some weight back on. I was surprised that it was so little. Yay? I worry that tomorrow at weigh-in my weight will increase even more. It's so frustrating!

Before last week, I had gone 6 weeks without gaining weight: it was incredible. It felt like I was finally making progress; that this time I would actually succeed. But then I got sick, and it was cold, and it was raining, and I couldn't stop coughing and blah blah blah blah excuses. If making up excuses was an Olympic event I would take home the gold, silver and bronze for all countries forever. Except Canada.

I ran today. It felt great. Actually, that's a lie; it felt awful, but then it felt great. But definitely kind of awful. Fat, I feel like you're the great deceiver. You manage to rationalize the illogical with the irrational and I listen and am convinced! Case in point: when I feel tired, angry, and gross, exercising always makes me feel better. Always. However, when I'm tired, angry, and gross, exercising is the last thing I want to do and my tiredness, anger and grossness is an excuse not to exercise!! WHAT?! I buy that? I consider it every time? It's madness!

Well not today my friend. I ran through it. I ran through it all. I'm disappointed that I didn't believe in myself and truncated my route; I arrived at my house with 3 minutes left and had to make a crazy weirdo loop thing. Annoying.

I'm through with your madness because this




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