Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Fattest Gump

Dear Fat,

You are far more resilient than I had hoped.  To distract from my ineffective attempts at weight loss, I'm going to talk about running again.

The cover of the current issue of Nature actually features a study on barefoot running.  It's not so much that running barefoot itself is going to make an amazing difference, but that people who run in shoes are used to striking their heels first whereas it's probably better to land at the front or middle of your foot instead to reduce impact, even on hard surfaces.  One study, of course, is not conclusive, but it makes me feel better about using Nike Free and my even less supportive beach shoes although I'm not sure I can tell if I've changed the way that I land.  My arches do feel more strengthened.

I've been a lot hungrier lately.  Is it the jogging?  Is it the knowledge that I ought to be eating less that makes my body retaliate?

I should start reading other news sources:

But maybe this means that I don't have to get to the normal weight range for my height on the BMI chart.

Picking fuzz off of my black shirt,


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