Friday, February 05, 2010

The Importance of Being Fittest

Dear Fit,

So that my entries are not ignored for lack of color, this is an illustration of where I jog:

Yes, on the beach at sunset.  Be jealous.

 I haven't gotten to the 20 minutes of non-stop jogging yet, but that'll get done this weekend . . . when the rain stops for long enough.  This Couch-to-5K plan is . . . well, it's about as difficult as I had anticipated: kind of hard, but not unachievable.  When I started exercising three times a week, though, I had expected to feel a bit different.  Sure, my calves are more toned and I think I have more muscle (the added mass of which is working against my weight loss goal).  Sure, I don't need to sleep as long at night because my quality of sleep has improved a bit.  It's probably helped me to feel a little less sluggish during the day, too.  On second thought, this is probably as much as I had expected.  Never mind.  We'll just have to wait for my blood pressure to drop down to a normal level without medication, then.

Food is still my downfall.  I don't have a very good perception of what counts as a normal-sized meal.  At the very least, I have stopped eating to the point where I feel really full (as I did for most of my childhood), but I suspect that I'm supposed to stop a lot sooner.  Eating more leaves apparently is not enough when it's piled on top of what I eat normally.

Working on it,


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  1. eat until you're not hungry anymore, and then wait to eat until you're hungry again. but the trick is to eat slowly, so you THINK you've eaten a theory.

    HI GUYS!! =) <3 the blog. =)