Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fatcher in the Rye

Dear Fat,

You know, there are some people who will never let you forget that you're fat and they're skinny.  They just won't let you forget it.  You're fat; they're skinny.

Slowly (very slowly) I'm headed towards losing weight.  Sometimes I feel like all I can do is mope about how fat I am.  Other times I feel so empowered to get up and do something--some creative impetus is pushing me onward.  I usually lie down until that feeling passes.

I've signed up for the challenge.  Lose 2 lbs a week!  Maybe.  The articles about food are very enjoyable: "Eating strawberries may or may not cure obesity!  A study that might have been done suggested that sometimes things happen--maybe--that strawberries might be responsible for sometimes.  Maybe."  At least they're being honest; noncommittal--but honest.

I wish I could be as ambiguous with honesty.


Cryptically Yours,



  1. I'm liking the Funny Girl and Harry Potter hybrid...

  2. Wouldn't that just be the most fabulous world ever? I just wonder if I'd actually fit...