Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fat's Cradle

is my stomach.

Dear Fat,

You might remember this.  Back in September, I was really good about portion control.  I mean, I was so good that I impressed myself, so I've been wondering whyyyyy is it so hard to get back to that state?  Where did I begin to fail?  Well, let's see, for the 2 weeks before we started what was supposed to be our weight-loss extravaganza, I tried to gain as much weight as possible to increase my starting weight (and thus make the 50-pounds-lighter weight be a higher and supposedly more attainable goal).  The first 10 pounds would be easy then.  No problem.

Here we are, 5 months in, and no progress.  Nix that.  Negative progress.  So, hey kids, don't cheat.

Portion control.  I just have to go like four days, and then I won't even notice it anymore.

Thus far, I've failed three days in a row.  What were those excuses, again?

Having my ass whooped by fat,


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