Friday, May 28, 2010

The Fatter

Dear Fat,

I died today.

I realized that I need to cut my nails before running--and that I need to stop clenching my fists.  It does not make the running any easier.  Today was the first 30 minute non-stop run.  Yay?

Either I'm a really terrible judge of distance, or I am really really slow, because 30 minutes passed with me still very far from home.  Even with the speed boost given by the Pokemon theme song, I still hadn't reached the final hill home.  So I ran that too.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  I kept running.  I ran for 34 minutes almost nonstop.  I say almost because I slowed down three times: 1. To scare a crow away from someone's trash can that was throwing it all over the street.  Gross bird.  2. To push someone's sprinkler head back down so it wouldn't leak water for the rest of the day.  Go Earth!  3. To open the gate so I could get out of the neighborhood and back to my house.  Not only did I stop for personal freedom, but to help others.  I still count it as 34 uninterrupted minutes of running.  And death.  Lots of death.

I saw a cute baby bunny.  It ran from me.



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