Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hawaii Fat-0

Dear Fat,

Back from vacation again.  I can't seem to vacation from you though.

While on a local bus to the Dole Plantation, an old lady asked me if I wanted a tract.  Trying to be nice, I accepted it and smiled.  She told me to get to know God and to cut back on the calories.  She repeated that last part.  Three times.  Yah.  That happened.  I almost told her that "Man judges man by outward appearances, but God judges by their hearts" but somehow felt that schooling her with Bible verses might be a little rude.  She was old after all.  If there is one thing I've learned at work, it's that old people don't hold anything back.  Even when they should.

We went hiking at Diamond Head Crater.  Note: this is not a place for flip flops, dresses or designer handbags.  The combination is terrifying.  Also, don't go at noon.  And don't walk the 3 miles from your hotel to the base of the crater and then up to the top.  And bring water.  These are all things to keep in mind while hiking up Mount Doom.



Oh, p.s. organic sunscreen is crap.  Slather yourself in chemicals or else you will surely burn.

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  1. i'm still really sorry about what happened on the bus :-( but it really did feel inappropriate to yell at an old person... even though she was really terrible :-/

    annnddd the hike wasn't THAT bad.... it could have been worse. really. :-P