Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Picture of Fatian Gray

Dear Fat,

If there was a portrait of me sitting in an attic somewhere, it'd probably be covered with pockmarks, boils, and those weird growths with little white hairs coming out of them.  Putting money in the jar hasn't really made me a prettier person inside or out (but damn, those hungry kids are going to well-fed by the end of this), so we're going to tack on another approach . . . I'll actually have to be less mean.

A friend once said to me that she's the most critical of people she finds most similar to herself.  For me, I have a more specific diagnosis.  I'm most critical of traits that I, myself, am afraid of possessing, and these traits are generally some distortion of ones that I have or used to have.

And so . . . let's do it!  Beauty on the inside and outside.  That's the goal.



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