Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hey Fittle Fittle

Hey fittle fittle,
The fat and the spittle,
The cow jumped into my stomach,
The little dog laughed to see such a monstrous number of calories enter a single person,
And the dish ran away out of luck.

Dear Fat and Fit,

I went jogging today.  Woo woo!  And, actually, I have been eating a LOT more salad.  However, from my continuing lack of weight loss, I suspect that I am not cutting back on calories as much as I had hoped.  The dairy products and the avocados are doing me in.

This week, I have a plan.  This week, if I don't reach at least 3 pounds below my starting weight (3 pounds is about how much excess food I think my abdomen holds at one time), I will make up for it by jogging EVERY DAY next week.  So let's hope that I make it.

Still a little sweaty,


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