Thursday, July 08, 2010


Dear Fat,

I lost half a pound last week!  Woo!  That's... disappointing.  But at least I'm headed in the right direction again.  Ugh.  I wish losing weight was easier... but it's just so hard!  I try to motivate myself to exercise, but for the most part I'm just entirely too lazy.

My sister is getting married in four and a half weeks.  I was thoroughly convinced that I would be at least 25 pounds lighter by the time of her wedding when she first got engaged.  In September 2008.  How the eff have I managed to hover around the same weight for TWO YEARS?!  I'm really bad at this.

My birthday is in a week.  Your gift can be getting out of my life forever.  Thanks.



P.s. On a happy note, maybe I will have that Jersey Shore themed party after all...

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