Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Winter's Fail

Dear Fat,

I'm cold.  I want to go home.

I was supposed to 50 pounds approximately 6 months ago.  It's been over a year, and I've managed to keep 5 pounds off.  Here's to another year of broken promises, laziness, and overindulgence.  Cheers!

J/K.  I lost 2 pounds last week because I managed to stick to my calorie plan.  Math wins again.



P.s.  I'm really cold.  Does this mean I'm losing some of my insulating layers of pudge?  Awesome.

Friday, November 12, 2010

L'Année dernière à Fatienbad

Dear Fat,

Oh, Fat.  Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat.  Remember last year when I seemed so determined to leave you forever and never look back?  But, alas, old friends are difficult to abandon.  At least forty of these pounds refuse to disappear.

Nevertheless, in spite of numerous setbacks time and time again, this year has offered a number of notable accomplishments: completing Couch-to-5K, giving up unagi, and holding very important FoF meetings.

I hope that tomorrow morning's weigh-in will place me at the 10-pound mark.  Next goal: another 10 pounds by January 2nd.  Happy Fattiversary!

On my way,


Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Fattest Eye

Dear Fat,

Looking at photos from a few years back makes me uncomfortable.  Perhaps memory deceives me, but I don't remember thinking that I looked particularly fat.  I knew it, but if we're going by feeling alone, I don't feel any different right now than I did then.  Yet I am about twenty pounds lighter than I was when at my peak poundage.  I can better see the difference now when people go up or down by a few pounds . . . but I'm not entirely sure it's an ability I'd like to have.

I used to think calorie-counting people were just on the downward slope towards getting an eating disorder.  This is probably still true, but as I am trying to get rid of a different eating disorder, I'll try my best not to slide too far towards the other side of the spectrum.

Only 5 days left until our first Fattiversary.  Thankfully, the pounds are finally starting to come off, but it has taken a lot longer than I expected.  Did we set our goals too high?  Was the allure of all things delicious too strong for us to ignore?

Yesterday was a dietary failure . . . today, there will be jogging.  There will, there will, there will.

Losing 0.8 pound before Friday,