Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Fatcracker

Dear Fat,

Merry Christmas!  After some minor fluctuations, I have finally been able to maintain my 10-pound weight loss for two consecutive weeks, so I am now allowed to purchase a cast iron skillet.  Do you like how my poundage prizes are generally food-related?  My curiosity was piqued enough to look for a vintage Griswold skillet on eBay, so we shall see how that goes.  If I could now just find that Rhythm rock-n'- roll chicken clock, life would be complete . . .

Christmas this year comes down to caroling at an old folks' home, Chinese grocery shopping with my dad, and dinner at a restaurant in Irvine with the cousins.  All good times, but I vaguely remember, from some distant past, putting Christmas presents under a tree in a warm living room with a fire burning in a fireplace that had stockings hanging from the mantel as snow fell gently outside the window.  Vaguely.  Perhaps my real childhood memories are blending into those I recall from television shows.

Food coma.  Naptime.



P.S. WHY IS THERE NO WHITE RABBIT CANDY ANYWHERE?!?!?  San Gabriel Superstore, this is the first time you've failed me.

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