Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Fat on the Western Front

Dear Fat,

What happened?  You came back?  When you were totally unwanted?  How rude.

I've decided to rename Saturday to Faturday.  Last week I carefully logged my calorie intake, and managed to stay under/around my designated amount; hooray!  However, upon weighing myself, I observed no change.  Rude.

It is with renewed vigor that I will take up my fight against you.  Because I'm in love.  Madly.  He's wonderful.  He loves Jesus (amen!) and sings beautifully.  He's from my hometown [county... same thing] and is beautiful.  Unfortunately, he's also a movie star.  *Heavy sigh* We're both in LA.  And love Jesus.  That's enough right?  Enough for us to meet and fall in love and GASP! sing Jesus-duets?!?!?!?!  Oh please, please let that be enough.

Oh Fat, how skinny do you think I'll need to be before Zachary Levi will love me?

Fatfully and fretfully yours,



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