Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Fat Badge of Courage

Dear Fat,

While eating the delicious chicken tamales I purchased from the tamale man outside of Vons today, I had a revelation.  Zong zi are like Chinese tamales!  This further proves the theory of the father of my ex-gay-college-apartment husband that Asians are just like Latinos.  We like rice.  We like spicy food.  Our countries of origin have suffered the abuses of white imperialism.  Yes, the parallels are unending.

Anyway, Fat, as you know, you have been re-accumulating around my waistline and thighs.  Yes, my scars are healing over, but what has happened now?  I pulled something in my lower back while sitting (sitting!).  The hobbling that resulted from this injury then led to my foot sprain (or whatever).  Is this what it feels like to be old?  I actually haven't gained that much weight, but considering that I must be losing muscle mass, it's still not the best sign.

You'd think that I'd be responsible enough to eat less, but I just finished second dinner (I made chicken udon to follow up the tamales).  Actually, I think the foot injury was a result of Monday's 3 hours of walking from first lunch to chocolate croissant to second lunch.  Karma rears its dirty, vengeful face once more.

Icing my foot,


(With an ice pack . . . not like a cake)

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