Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am walking for lupus.  Give me money here.  You know I'm going to keep harassing you, so you might as well give in now.  Every little bit helps.  Thank you!

Dear Fat,

Somehow, I became a participant in my lab's six-pack competition (as in abs and not beer packaging).  How much fat can I lose from my stomach by May?  And I need to tan.  It'd be nice if the color of my stomach finally matched the color of my arms.  But I'd rather not expose a pasty stomach.  Ah, it's as if I'm trying to relate this entry back to its title.

I still have this gaping hole in my left thigh.  I think the scars on my knee and calf will fade, but this one on top is still kind of gnarly looking.  So much for that shred of vanity I had left.

Sorry, this will have to be a short entry.  Year goals are progressing well.  Will provide real update later.  Good night!


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