Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Naked Fat

Dear Fat,

Don't forget that I'm still raising money for lupus.  Another team is out-fundraising us by quite a bit, and we have to get our top spot back.  Please donate here.  We are also doing a continuous bake sale fundraiser of sorts, so if you're in SD or LA, let me know what you would like to eat by April 22nd or so, and I'll quote a price.  I'll make just about anything that is delicious.

So, Fat, I'm losing weight at a pretty steady rate, but it usually involves gaining about 3 pounds in the beginning of the week and losing 4 by the end.  I suppose it would be healthier to do this in a linear fashion, but I still like my food a little too much.  I'm not addicted.  I can quit anytime I want . . . yeah . . .

According to mynetdiary, playing piano for an hour burns 230 calories.  That seems . . . like a lot for what doesn't amount to more than forearm exercising.  Although I have to say  that the six pages of tremolo exercise at the end of my Hanon book does make me feel arm muscles I never knew that I had.  Still, this jiggly arm fat remains.  And it distributes itself differently on each arm.  Asymmetry adds character, right?

Fat, I feel like my life is lacking in inspiration right now.  I can't write.  I can't think about science.  I can't really play music articulately.  What's going on?  Oh, right.



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