Tuesday, March 08, 2011

To the Fathouse

Dear Fat,

Today is Fat Tuesday.  How appropriate for what happened today.

Medifast Report: 1 month down. 15 pounds lost.  Woo hoo!

Today's Report: I ate a brownie, a piece of chocolate chip cookie, a curry koroke(curry filled bread), and sweet potato cake.

Oh yah.  I'm a fattie.

I brought all of my Medifast meals so that I could be good even while I'm out of town.  Apparently, the allure of food is too much for me.  The allure of food... in Irvine?!

WTF?!  I'm going to New York in a week.  How am I going to keep to my diet there?

Hold up.  I am so distracted.  It's been several weeks since I've seen Glee, so can someone please explain what's happening?  Gwyneth really shouldn't sing, but Kurt totes knows what's what.  I... don't know what's happening with anything anymore.  Oh my goodness.  This is the third song Gwyneth has sung this episode.  It is 8:36.  WTF?  Please don't let her sing anymore.

In related news, I submitted my information for the X-factor auditions.  Gosh, I hope I get it.

Umm... what was I talking about?  Oh, right.  Medifast.  With renewed conviction, I'm devoting myself back to Medifast.  Nobody's perfect.  We all make mistakes.  Tomorrow is another da--is Santana a lesbian?

Is Sam dating Santana?  Didn't he like propose to Quinn in the second episode he was in?  What?  Wow. The celibacy's club rendition of Afternoon Delight was amazing.  I love Emma.  She's so... me!  :D

Uhh... so... I... yah.  Okay, well.

PCD Workout Video Report: I am still uncomfortable watching scantily clad women grind and slap their bums while I attempt to grind and slap my bum.

Holy crap, Santana IS a lesbian!  AND dating Sam?!  THIS SHOW HAS GONE INSANE!!

PCD report cont: My thighs hurt from excessive squatting and grinding.  It's working!

And with that rando report of crazy times, I bid you adieu.

Applying for Biggest Loser,


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