Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dear Fat,

Operation Eat Everything Before Moving is at hand.  Let's see what happens to my waistline.  By the way, it is rather difficult to type extensively on a tablet touchscreen keyboard.  What a useless piece of technology.

So, I passed my quals last week.  Hooray . . . I am officially stuck here another 2-3 years.  Mixed feelings.  I did decide that if I was going to go through with this grad school thing, I should start giving it my best effort.  I think that has made the day-to-day work a little easier for me to handle.

Also, Fat, I think that I am maturing.  Although Saturday was the first day that I had gone jogging in over two weeks, I had not gained any weight in the meantime.  Even though a lot of things were happening like quals preparation, people leaving, and apartment hunting, I did not resort to eating my feelings like I normally do.  Is this what emotionally stable people are like?  How healthy yet . . . how boring and much less tasty.

The next few weeks will be an exercise in the poverty diet as I am currently spending beyond my means and will have no savings account if I continue down this path.  Who wants to make my meals for me?  For free?  You know you love me.

Poorer than usual,